Amanda Hocking : 99 cents to $2.5 million

The amazing story of Amanda Hocking from Minnesota who made millions by selling her novels online. Success didn't came early for her, she had to struggle for 9 years and had to face rejection from various publishers.

It all started for Jim Henson's (the muppets creator) exhibition to be held at Chicago, amanda a huge muppets fan wanted to visit that exhibition but she was penniless at that time, so on April 2010 she decided to raise $300 to cover her expenses to Chicago  by selling her books online through amazon for a mere 99 cents.
By the time the exhibition started amanda raised $20,000 instead of $300 as expected and soon her books became best seller online where more 1.5 million copies (as e-books) were sold through which she made $2.5 million.
She challenged the monopoly of traditional publishers by publishing the books herself, she opened avenues for e-books and showed the world how powerful internet can be.
Amanda Hocking's success story can be inspiration to writer's all over the world on how success can be achieved through self belief and not bogging down to criticism.

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