Anna Hazare's loss of support


The rise of Anna Hazare was phenomenon, millions supported him and the political class were afraid of  him.
He had in his credit of sending many cabinet ministers to jail in cases of corruption and was gandhian at heart.

He earned millions of followers for his attempt to fast unto death for the sake of Jan Lokpal Bill which when passed would create an independent anti-corruption body.
After the super success of his first two fast for fight against corruption why did his third fast failed to gather support.

When the first two fasts took place the political leaders who came supporting the cause (Jan Lokpal Movement) were sent back and the movement was seen by aam aadmi as a apolitical movement which gathered huge support and Anna Hazare became a mass leader.

But the support was milked away when Team Anna campaigned against Congress in Hisar By-Poll and
though congress lost the By-Poll, Anna Hazare lost his wide mass support he once enjoyed and also charges of corruption against key members of his team such as Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi added fuel to fire.

The third fast was in the backdrop of Lok Sabha passing the Lokpal Bill where India Against Corruption (organization behind Jan Lokpal movement) had subjected to add certain amendments to the bill which was rejected by the Government of India.
Instead of approaching the Supreme Court where the Parliment's  bill can be further amended Team Anna (core members of India Against Corruption) choose to protest through fast.

Team Anna realized its mistake and recently one of the key members Arvind Kejriwal announced that they would not campaign against any party and remain apolitical. Now only time will tell whether the people would support them the same way they did before.

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  1. lost respect for them when they campaigned against congress

  2. they just wanted teach congress a lesson...
    dont understand why people see them as pro BJP

  3. anna hazare is a selfless man, hard to find people like him in today's time

  4. Mr.Anna Hazare and Mr.Santosh Hegde is honest man and really they want to fight against curruption.But his team is totally corrupt.Lot of corruption charges against Kejriwal,Kiran Bedi,Shanti Bhushan etc.All member of team Anna want to only seen in media. Except Mr.Anna Hazare and Mr.Santosh Hegde.If really they want to fight against corruption.They should be change the ideology and come forward honestly and fight against corruption in India.