Black Money The Great Indian Tamasha

India has stashed almost $1.5 trillion in black money in Swiss banks, if the money is brought back then it would result in tremendous growth of our country. GDP, Literacy rate, Infrastructure, Standard of living, Employment will increase and poverty will be a thing of past. India has a debt of $275 million which could be cleared within 24 hours if black money was brought back and our Defence capabilities would match that of China and USA within a decade.

But our country leaders are showing minimum interest in bringing the black money back to India, here i say minimum interest because the Swiss Government has officially written to Indian Government that they are willing to inform the details of account holders of  $1.5 trillion in their Banks, if Indian Government officially asks them but the Indian Government has not sent any official enquiry to Switzerland for details of black money.
And the opposition whose main plank in 2008 was getting the black money back to India also looks least interested and if it was really worried about black money then it would have acted when 
in power before.

So, why do politicians dont want to get back black money?? Its simple as the politicians (cutting across party lines) and bureaucrats are one of the major account holders in Swiss banks and black money is the main source of income for campaigning in elections for political parties in India, where its used to bribe voters. politicians and bureaucrats also stash public money to fulfill their own greed   and become rich.So, if black money is brought back political parties wont have money to bribe and win elections and vested interests would loose the public money stashed in their names.  

Personal gains is also one of the main motto of stashing black money people who don't pay tax also are major account holders, mainly billionaires and millionaires who have to give 30% of their income in tax hide their profit in Swiss banks and avoid paying tax. As a result money to be spent for the welfare of people is being reduced. There is a nexus between these rich people (who don't pay tax) and corrupt politicians where politicians save rich people from being caught and being prosecuted and rich people in turn invest money in campaign of political parties during elections.

Politicians make a lot of noise (through media debates, walking out of parliment etc...) for bringing black money back to India but in the end its just a tamasha.


  1. I am Totally Agree with the Blog.India has huge amount of Black money is kept in Swiss Bank.This is already Proved time by time.

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