Can India go the China way and ban websites ??

Seeing the recent developments can India go the China way and ban websites such as Google and Facebook (21 in total) for offensive content...??
All over the world social networking sites are one of the main tool of protest for the people, be it the Arab uprisings or the Jan Lokpal movement in India.
India being a democratic country can never block such websites as it declines the citizens of India the right to protest and by censoring the content it declines its citizens of freedom of speech.
Moreover people are addicted to social networking sites and a move to ban them will ultimately back fire and banning sites such as Google will lead to situation in web where there will be a body but without the soul.
India cant go the china way and ban websites simply because its a democratic country unlike china which is a communist state
But websites have to find out mechanisms to remove offensive contents from its websites such as hate speeches 
etc... so that harmony would prevail in the country. 

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