Who will launch the next big thing Google Apple or Microsoft ???

After the social networking revolution by an Harvard undergrad Mark Zuckerbergthe question again arises who will launch the next big thing ????

For a better understanding let us look at history, back in 1970's computers were costly, huge in size often occupying large spaces and consumed a lot of power as a result they were out of reach to the general public but one man changed it all, when he created the first personal computer that had more computing power than the scientific computers used in the Apollo mission and occupied less space and consumed less power.. and that man unknown to the world then is known today allover as Steve Jobs, the man who created Mac O.S, I-PODI-PAD, I-PHONE, Apple PC....

Then came Bill Gates and Paul Allen in1980's and found their unknown company called Microsoft which had an humble beginning but turns out to become the worlds most prestigious company. It developed Windows O.S that is most widely used O.S in the world.

In 1990's two geek's go to Microsoft with their research project known as Internet Search Engine but are ridiculed and sent home.. but undeterred the two geeks's Larry Page and Sergey Brin continued with their research and developed their own internet search engine known as "GOOGLE" and changed the way whole world looked at internet. Through Google guys the real power of internet was noticed.

Considering all this we can be optimistic that maybe history would repeat itself and an unknown person with an extra-ordinary idea will launch the next big thing that would change the world. 


  1. I must say that Microsoft WAS the king of tech world in the 90's, but now it's like inactive and the service they provide is poor.

    As for Apple, it's a great Company and the products they produce are the best, but they are expensive and not everyone can get the opportunity to use an Apply product, think about it, most people just avoid buying Apple products cause they are expensive and even if they launch something big it will be more expensive and people who can pay big amount of money can only get the chance to use the next big thing.

    I am a Google user and Web Designer, everyday i get something new to learn from them. You see Google everywhere from Search Engine to Web Browsers, they are the best.

  2. Here big doesn't mean it should be expensive...
    but big means any product expensive (like apple products) or free (like facebook/google products) launched by an extraordinary mind which would revolutionize the world.