God is one

God is one, the almighty. Everybody is equal for him and the punishments for sins and rewards for good deeds are the same in all the cases. So the foremost thing is that is it really worth dividing god in the form of religions? Giving different names to the almighty and having disputes over their name is quite common now a days as every now and then some scene pops out where people from different religions have differences, be it the Palestine dispute or godhra riots, babri masjid  demolition in our country. We have countless cases regarding religious conflicts which has become bane to mankind but still one question is unanswered why violence in the name of religion when they them self preache non-violence????

Some people call it jihad but little do they know that nowhere in Quran killing of innocent people is justified or be it hindu extremism, nowhere and no religion justifies violence. Time has come to judge those people don’t believe them god has given us intelligence let us use it for the betterment of society and not behave like animals.

All religions point to one unquestionable fact I.e.; there is only one god in this universe and one religion I.e.; humanity the only thing that matters is how you made this world a better place. Lord Rama for Hindus, Allah for Muslims, Wahe Guru for Sikhs or Jesus for Christians call him by any name but all of them preach peaceful existence of mankind. Every religion has their own way of practicing it but in the end their aim is same i.e.; peace and humanity.