How to succeed in interview

10 points to remember to succeed in interview.

1. Homework is necessary -Do learn about the organization and the position you applied to. 
2. Practice - Participate in mock interviews with your friends or career counselor playing the interviewer.  
3. Dress Properly and dont be late - Be dressed formally and do not forget to shave. Never be late and bring all your certificates, necessary accessories with you else it puts a negative impression.
4. Be Confident - Self confidence is one of the ingredients for achieving success and interviewer will look that in you. Firm handshake, confidence in answering questions are some of the things to be remembered.
5. Good Communication skills - Communication skills play a pivotal role in getting you that dream job. Have a good tone, use your hand well and make regular eye contact with the interviewer.
6. Good Manners - Do knock before going in, greet the interviewer, be patient, be polite in answering questions, ask questions but never argue and pay attention to what interviewer is saying. 
7. Never lie - The best way of ruining your interview is by lying and bluffing about yourself and your achievements.
8. Express yourself - Talk about yourself, education, career plans and goals, elaborate your achievements. 
9. Show Interest - Show interest in company, industry and job you have applied and express how it can move your career forward.
10. Knowledge about core subject - If its a Technical round then be prepared for questions on core subjects.

Always end the interview on a lighter note and take criticism positively, appreciate the interviewer, thank him/her and leave.


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