India's Maoist tangle

Recently there are many instance of abduction's by Maoist which had created quite a flutter in India. It again opened the debate for armed action against Maoist's, Anti-Maoist feel that hardening the stance against Maoist is the way forward whereas some of the Maoist sympathizers feel that an eye for an eye would make the whole world blind. Our government fears that if it takes armed action against Maoist then people (who support Maoist) would accuse it of human rights violation hence the hesitation.

Maoist-Naxalite claim to be messiah of the poorest of the poor and believe in guerrilla warfare but no where in the world killing innocent people, abduction tactics, use of children in war, demolition of schools are used to fulfill one's ideology. Che Guevara who believed in guerrilla warfare never used violence against common people or abduction nor did he used children in war or destroyed thousands of schools in the name of ideology.

Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh called the Naxalites "The single biggest internal security challenge ever faced by our country". Naxalism resulted in more than 11000 deaths which includes more than 6000 civilians below table (taken from Wikipedia) depicts the death toll over the years

Every year hundred's of people are killed and thousands are affected due to naxalism and we can solve this by following a three point formula
  1. Faith has to be restored by government by seeing that no atrocities are committed by police towards the local people.
  2. Developmental programmes especially for naxal infected districts have to be undertaken and special care has to be taken so that benefits are reached to the locals. (Developmental programmes in A.P can be taken as example)
  3. Use of armed force should be the last resort as naxals use locals as human shield which would result in deaths of civilians and also we can kill a person but not the ideology.

In 2011 naxal infected districts were reduced from 180 to 83 districts across 9 states, this success can attributed to "Integrated Action Plan" initiative introduced by government to develop tribal and backward districts across India through various development projects.and also check naxal influence through better policing.

Apart from these measures have to taken to educate locals about India's growth story, IT revolution, Super Power in making and also rehabilitation of captured Maoists which involves importance of non-violent struggle in society.

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