Strong whistle blower protection bill

We have always cursed many government servants as they dont complete any work without taking a bribe, people from LDC to high ranking officials are known to be corrupt and we always think of having pure and honest officials serving the government so that our grievances  are heard and scams dont take place. Indeed there are honest officials in various government departments who fight against corruption but they are either killed or made to remain silent by using force, so for the protection of these honest officials the whistle blower protection bill comes into picture and its up to us to see that a strong bill is passed in the parliament. 

People who inform of any wrong doings in the organization to higher authorities or to public are known as whistle blowers but their safety has been compromised over the years resulting in death of many whistle blowers. There are many officials in our government who are honest and work towards well being of our country, they want to expose the corrupt system in their departments but are unable to do so because of threat to their life but all this can change with better and stronger whistle blower protection bill and this is possible only when the people of India are united in fighting for a stronger whistle blower protection bill. More than 25 whistle blowers have been killed in the last 10 years which shows the importance of a stronger bill. Stronger bill means hiding of whistle blowers names and details and providing adequate security to them. A stronger bill will instill confidence and courage in honest officials to fight against corruption and expose the wrong doers and ultimately punish the corrupt.

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