people who influenced 20th century

1. Adolf Hitler: Undoubtedly the most hated man in the world, responsible for WW-II which resulted in millions of death, his hatred for Jews and is infamous for his concentration camps across Europe. 

2. Albert Einstein: The greatest scientist to ever live on this planet and chosen as the person of century by Time. His brain has been preserved to know the reason for his extraordinary intelligence. His theories, ideas... greatly influenced the world.

3. M.K.Gandhi: Known as 'Father of Nation' in India, his methods preach non-violent form of protest popularly known as 'Gandhigiri' in India. Played a major role in India's independence from British, didn't fire a single bullet but defeated the most powerful army through 'Ahimsa' and 'Satyagraha'. Inspired many non-violent form of protest across globe most famous being 'Anti-Apartheid' movement in South-Africa.

4. V.I.Lenin: Founder of the Soviet Union, Lenin led the October revolution of 1917 in Russia. Founder of Marxism-Leninism ideology and an inspiration to many socialist leaders across the world. Was instrumental in spreading the communist ideology.

5. Franklin Delano Roosevelt: The 32nd president of U.S.A led America during the Great Depression and WW-II. Responsible for stopping U.S.A from heading towards Communism or Fascism during difficult times faced by America.  

6. Joseph Stalin: A communist, participated in the October revolution and was also Premier of Soviet Union. Stalin led soviet during the WW-II. Infamous for millions of death for either political or criminal offences during his regime.

7. Mao Zedong: Founder of People's Republic of China and often worshiped as one of its greatest leaders. Mao instilled patriotism in Chinese people through his Long March and also developed a political theory named Maoism. But committed huge blunders such as 'Great Leap Forward' and 'Cultural Revolution' which resulted in deaths of 40 - 70 million people.

8. Che Guevara: Legend at the age of 30 and face of revolution across the globe, che guevara was a revolutionary leader. Still inspires revolutionary movements even after his death. Though an Argentine but was one the revolutionaries in the Cuban revolution. His hatred for Capitalism and unlikeliness for America escalated the Cold War. He is known as the person who almost started World War - III. A controversial figure for executions he carried out in Cuba.   

9. Bill Gates: Co-Founder of Microsoft and a leading figure in Personal Computer Revolution, his dream was to put a computer in every home. His Windows Operating System revolutionized usage of computers and is used in more than a Billion computers. Often counted as one of the most wealthiest person in the world.

10. J.Robert Oppenheimer: An American theoretical physicist who developed the first nuclear weapon and he is often referred as "father of the atomic bomb". His invention had great impact in 20th century. 


  1. Where's MJ (michael jackson) ?
    He is truly a person who have influenced the 20th century.

    1. These are only 10 people ......and there were many in the 20th its not possible to mention all of jst 10 are sufficient for this post.
      Thank You rotten view administrator for such great efforts and showing us so many great posts of our daily lives and our country.
      Jai Hind ^_^