Bharath Bandh : do they really have an impact ?

So on 31st May 2012 there was Bharath Bandh in India organised by opposition parties to protest petrol price hike by government and even allies of Congress supported and participated in the protest. As usual bandh resulted in pelting of stones, stopping buses and trains, damaging public properties etc..... by protesters. BJP condemned violent protest but said it's their democratic right to protest and no one can stop them from doing so, yaa its true we cant stop BJP from protesting but pls stop causing inconvenience to the common man your bandh rubbed salt to the wounds given by government. Leaders cutting across party lines participated in bandh but participation of political parties which are in power in states doesn't make sense because by cutting state tax they can bring down the prices in their respective states but are against any state tax cut. Question here is did they participate just to get political mileage out of bandh ?????  

Is the bandh the best way to protest is another aspect that has to be considered by political parties. Protesters have gala of time damaging public property but its the aam aadmi who has to bear the brunt. Millions of people are below poverty line and are mostly daily wage earners, bandh could be harsh on them and also business transaction worth billions of dollars are affected, damages worth crores are done. So in the end bandh really leaves an impact but in the negative way. All political parties could take Gandhi as example who believed in 'Ahimsa' and 'Satyagraha', using these two forms of protest Gandhi defeated the worlds most powerful army. Ahimsa means non-violence and Satyagraha form of protest means inflicting pain in oneself but not on others but in reality bandh have more impact on others that protesters who have a gala of time damaging public property.  

The following two points have to be considered by all political parties before protesting 
  1. Protest wisely without causing any inconvenience to the common man.
  2. Protest for the betterment of society instead of just gaining political mileage out of it.

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  1. Any election process can be easily managed by installing TV at certain places where recorded speech can be shown as per declared timings. On those spots only Poster/Banner of all candidates can be displayed, not over all places. This will stop dirtying the entire constituency. Ensure broadcast done on pre-declared timings.
    Absence of candidates physical presence along with their GOONs will encourage people to come out and vote without any fear. In fact, TV broadcast of recorded message/debate can be far more effective in helping AAM AADMI take informed decision and that too at a fraction of cost of physical election campaign which cost BILLIONS to our country where still bare necessity like house, sanitations, food , drinking water are not available to Poor.
    All Gram panchayat can be central hub for TV broadcast of recorded message from candidates who must not be present physically. Ensure to show recorded message of all candidates. Even face to face debate can also be recorded and broadcast for public view. Additionally, BREAK-UP of asset growth of every candidate since last 3 election must be shown with complete break-up from IT record.
    Just in case Govt refuse to provide BREAK-UP, it should be MEDIA’s responsibility (who has already done the excellent job of exposing 2G/CWG scam which was supposed to be done by GOVT) once again to use RTI to get all the HIDDEN info of such break-up of ASSET JUMP of POLITICIAN/MINISTERS HIDDEN in IT record as AAM AADMI cannot take the risk of using RTI as in no time they will be MURDERED as happened with Shehla Massod recently in M.P.