Success : Some Times its not about Money or Fame

'SUCCESS', every human being craves for it, man spends his whole life achieving it, what ever he does he seeks success in it because success is another name of Happiness. 

Heard a lot of stories which says "Follow your passion, success is inevitable" and saw a lot of movies which said "Listen what your heart says, you will reach success" quite true i would say. People also give example's, like that of an inspiring story of A.P.J.Abdul Kalam Azad or Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or Sachin Tendulkar or maybe Super Star Amitabh Bachchan,  you may have many awe-inspiring success stories that conclude only one point "Follow your passion and listen to your heart, success is inevitable". Behind their incredible success was an unending lust for their passion and never ending determination to reach their goal. We all take the hardships they faced as an inspiration for our self to reach our goal, be it failure of Thomas Alva Edison through this education or Steve Jobs ouster from his own company or criticism The Beatles received during the start of their career, every inspiring story has people overcome difficulties and be Triumphant in the end.

But do we really relate to inspiring stories of great people positively ??? No we relate it in terms of Money or Fame they earned. We all listened to the story of Tendulkar not clearing his tenth exams and being weak in studies, people who are weak in studies after listening to this story feel like they are next Tendulkar and they only see Sachin as the richest Cricketer who failed in his studies but fail to recognize that behind his failure in education lies his Success in Cricket which he achieved through unending love for his passion, when he started out there wasn't much money involved in Cricket but his determination in the game changed his fate and made him achieve incredible success, money, fame and a Demi-God status which no other cricketer enjoyed before.

“I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.” - Bill Gates. Now this quote by Bill Gates is tricky to understand, though Gates wasn't good at studies he had extra ordinary talent to create some thing new which resulted in his incredible success. Now people who fail regularly please don't think your next Bill Gates but we have to get inspired by his determination and confidence to succeed in life.

"They all laughed at Albert Einstein. They all laughed at Columbus. Unfortunately, they also all laughed at Bozo the Clown." 

Don't waste your precious talent and become a clown instead of Einstein, where others laugh at you because achieving Success some times is not about Money or Fame, it's about something more, its about love, its about confidence, its about getting through difficulties and more importantly its about Happiness. We can take Mark Zuckerberg as an example, when he started creating 'Facebook', he might have not even imagined in his wildest dreams that it would revolutionize Social Networking or Google Guys who put life into internet by creating 'Google' search engine. What mattered to them was their love to create some thing new, some thing unique, something worth for people who are using it but not Money or Fame. And in the end sometimes success is not about money or fame, its something more than that and its not about what they did it but its about how they did it.