The Mystery Of The Ghost Writer And Wheat- Part 14

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As Tara's SUV drove towards station many thoughts came to her mind. Is Shekhar guilty or being framed? How is her life Roohi? Where is Jennifer? Why should her family be dragged into all this? Most importantly why did ACP tell her to send all the Shekhar’s work to his home instead of station? As the thoughts kept her bust and time passed by Tara reached police station. The ACP greeted her as didn't waste any time to explain her of new updated that came his way.

'Experts believe the there was a plastic surgery done on the reporter's body which could imply that there is a big game going on. And we are nowhere near to the core of it’ ACP started 'And we believe she had a role to play in the mystery. And today morning there has been another murder reported in Khar with no evidences.’

'Who is murdered now? A male or a female? Any relations established with the same case or it is an altogether different story?' Tara asked a series of questions.

'It is a female of same age of that reported murdered earlier. I'm still awaiting the reports but I have my strong convictions that this body too had a plastic surgery'

Tara was amazed how confident ACP was in his guess.

'This reporter had a rather shady past according to my sources and your husband was in constant touch with her'

'But' Tara blurted 'How could this be possible? If he was in touch with her then he would definitely tell me'

'But Tara your husband had many secrets hidden from you and I believe both are accomplice'

Discussion went on for more than half an hour and Tara left police station but before leaving ACP was sure to inform her again regarding evidence and sending it to his house for which Tara nodded but she had other plans in her mind.

As Tara reached her house she went straight to her bedroom and tried to sleep. She was exhausted with the situation she was caught in. She wanted to run away from the world.  Her husband abandoned her. Her heart was full of grief because her Roohi was not with her, she was in danger. Her eyes were closed but she couldn't sleep. How could a mother sleep when her daughter is missing?

                                                    * * *

She didn't know this place, it looked like a hotel room. The room was clean similar to what she saw in the hotel of second murder. Everything was neat and tidy. There was loads of drugs too, probably wheat. There was some noise coming from her back side as she turned back, she shouted in horror. A body was hanging on the fan. She could see the legs, lifeless. And when she saw the face she almost fainted. The dead body face resembled Tara.

With one big yell Tara woke up. 'It's a dream. It's a dream' She assured herself.

At the same moment her phone started ringing and flashing ACP on the 6” screen of her smartphone. She tried to balance her voice. ‘Hello!’

‘There is a bad news Tara. Jennifer has vanished from Police Custody just now!’ ACP told her in a shaky voice.

‘What?’ screamed Tara.

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The Mystery Of The Ghost Writer The Wheat- Part 7

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As Tara entered the crime scene she realized in first instance that it was tampered with. The seal was broken near drugs and and small amounts of wheat scattered everywhere. There was no one around and she was quick in grabbing that opportunity and began inspecting the place, the rope used for suicide was still hanging by the fan, the room was well kept and no signs of any altercation, everything was in place except wheat spots here and there and before she could proceed further a constable came into the room and yelled at her.

Spitting the guthkha on the corner of the wall he asked 'Who are you? And what are you doing here?'.

'I work for the media house and I am covering the story' Tara replied.

'You should know mam this not the place to ask questions, you could tamper with any evidence. Meet sahib in evening he is having a press conference' He replied.

Tara nodded and left. At lounge of the hotel she saw her media house reporter and camera man in a deep conversation with a room boy.

'What is it?' Tara asked both of them.

Visibly shocked to see Tara here, reporter replied 'Mam, he is the guy who first saw the body and we are looking for any possible leads here'.

'Good' Tara replied and turned towards room boy and asked 'So how was it?'.

The guy was visibly shaken who would expect to see a dead body few hours before sleep 'Terrifying Mam' He replied and then after a deep pause he continued 'Have any of you guys seen a dead body, one that was killed by hanging? It terrorizes you for the rest of your life. The neck was broken, her body was in straight line but her neck was diagonal to the body and her tongue was outside ready to fall of from her mouth and in the end her eyes though life less looked straight into mine and told the story of agony in the last moments of her life'

'Then what happened?' Tara asked

'I ran and informed to manager and police arrived' He replied

'Apart from police did any one go to the room?' Tara asked

'I don't know' room boy replied

Seeing the way Tara was asking question the reporter and cameraman were in confusion as to why Tara the Chief Media Officer of the company was so curious about a murder case and this was an unusual activity in their eyes.

And Tara had many questions in her mind. First was 'Why did she hung her self with rope but not a saree', second question was 'Why did she choose a seven star hotel to die that too with loads of drugs?', and third and most important question 'Why is there no stool in the room? There should be something below the fan where the lady should climb so her neck would reach the rope.'

All thoughts kept coming in Tara's mind but what she didn't know was that someone she knew had all the answers. But is it her husband?

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My Role Model - Arvind Kejriwal

"I was sitting on the bench outside a govt. dept. building giving pamphlets to visitors and informing them that I could get their work done  for free without giving any bribe and at that time my colleagues from income tax dept saw me and were astonished what I had become, from an IIT graduate and an IRS officer to an activist who was distributing pamphlets to random people. 

They felt pity and asked me 'If you want I could help you get another job?' for which I replied 'I'm happy doing this'" - Arvind Kejriwal (during his parivartan days).     

The first time I came to know about Arvind Kejriwal was during the Jan Lokpal Movement and since then he has inspired me. Born in a middle class family, Kejriwal completed his graduation from IIT-Kharagpur and then worked for the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) as a Joint Commissioner in the Income Tax Department. But he left all this to serve the aam aadmi of our country. Starting from 'Parivartan' where he along with Manish Sisodia would go all over Delhi to do Govt. works without paying bribes. Then he became an RTI activist and vigorously campaigned against social evil of corruption present in our country.  And after that came the Jan Lokpal Movement which catapulted him a national leader and later on founded Aam Aadmi Party.

Why I support him?

His Vision-

1. Corruption free India.
2. Swaraj.
3. Better Educational System. 
4. Better Health Care.
5. Food and water for all.
6. Cleaning the political system of India.
7. Decentralization of power.
8. Making India a developed country.
9. Making India a Super Power.
10.Most importantly serving the aam aadmi.

His achievemts are- 

  • 2004: Ashoka Fellow, Civic Engagement.
  • 2005: Satyendra K. Dubey Memorial Award, IIT Kanpur for his campaign for bringing transparency in Governance.
  • 2006: Ramon Magsaysay Award for Emergent Leadership.
  • 2006: CNN-IBN Indian of the Year in Public Service.
  • 2009: Distinguished Alumnus Award, IIT Kharagpur for Eminent Leadership.
  • 2009: Awarded a grant and fellowship by the Association for India's Development.
  • 2010: Policy Change Agent of the Year, Economic Times Awards.
  • 2011: NDTV Indian of the Year.
  • 2013: CNN-IBN Indian of the Year 2013-Politics.
  • 2014: Kejriwal was featured in Time's 2014 Time 100 list of the most influential people in the world.

(Source Wikipedia) 

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The story of Flour

Once a guru and his followers were having a discussion on god. The guru declared that god is one and he is shape less without a body. One of his disciple raised his hand and asked 'why are there so many gods and religions in this world?'

The guru smiled and asked him to bring some flour. He went to kitchen and brought some. The guru made a neat dough and made three parts of it. The disciple was puzzled and so was everyone but the guru continued his work without uttering a word. 

The guru took the first part of dough and added some dry fruits and sugar and further divided it and made ten cookies out of it. Then he took the second part, shaped it into rectangle, baked it and made bread out it. Then he took the last part and flattened it to make few roti's. Everyone was curious to know why he did this but no one could figure out the guru's wisdom behind this.

He then gave a biscuit to his disciple and asked him how is it. 'sweet and delicious' He replied. Then he gave the bread and again asked him how is it, 'melts in my mouth' The disciple said. At last the guru broke a piece of roti and gave it to the disciple and again asked how is it, 'soft as a velvet' the disciple replied.

Now the guru turned to others and said religions are like bread, roti's and cookies but god is like flour in them. No matter how different they may look or taste but bread, roti and cookie are eventually made of flour, same is the case with religions no matter how different they look all have one thing in common ie; there is only one god. Jesus said there is only one god, Lord krishna said there is only one god Prophet Muhammad too said there is only one god.

'Harina, meel. Does any one know the meaning of these words?' The guru asked. Everyone shook their heads. the guru replied they mean Flour in other languages, same is the case with god, Hindus call him Vishnu, Muslims call him Allah and other different religions call him by other different name without knowing they all pray one single entity. Making a bread is different from that of cookie but they are only used feed our hunger, same is case with religion, their ultimate aim is the enlightenment of the man. Muslims attain it by doing Namaz and Christians go to Church and pray. 

Millionaire - Journey of an Idea

To begin with, it was tough time back then, recession hindered my chances of getting a decent job and I sat idle for almost an year and in the end after an Engineering degree, I was a jobless jack. People have big dreams upon completion of their graduation, especially Engineers. Hence with nothing to do for an year I slumbered on my own shell for protection. My body was filled with fervor for success I wanted to show the world which looked down upon me, my true value. This one year showed me that life was not a bed of roses. This one year made me a strong and confident person I am Today. During this time I became the fighter I am today. During this time I realized I wanted to be on my own and didn't want to strain my A** sitting in front of a machine. This hollow unproductive one year made me what I am today - a Millionaire. I wasn't born a millionaire but I realized I had the ambition to become one. As it happens in every man's life, I tottered upon a brilliant but simple idea and then, as it doesn't happen in most man's life, I didn't let it slip past my mind. Which resulted in what I am now, a successful Entrepreneur.

                                                  * * * * *

It was summer time and my father called me and ordered me to bring two coolers and gave five thousand rupees notes. 'Raj! Shop name is Oberoi Enterprises'  He reminded me and I nodded.

With 5000 bucks in hand, you have only one choice - local made coolers, which Mr.Oberoi, the shopowner coolly described as Assembled coolers. These coolers cost less and were also present in various shapes and sizes. I analyzed various models and selected two of them. But, I had to wait since my order was on the way.

To kill time, I started conversation with him, 'So, where is this factory?' I inquired
'P&T colony. My son runs the Assembled cooler factory there hence, the low cost and also I assure you of the best quality' He replied.
'Oh! That's great. So, how does he make them?' I asked,
'Brings in workers from Karnataka and assembles at our godown' Mr.Oberoi replied,
'Workers from karnataka?' I questioned again,
'Farmers' He said, 'Summer is not a productive season for them so, they come to our state, earn handsomely and leave'
'Earn Handsomely?' My questions started irritating him but he kept his composure,
'50 rupees for a single cooler and they assemble 5-8 per day for two months and take as I said before a handsome amount to their home.'

I began introspecting few coolers present there and gathering information from Mr.Oberoi on how they make these coolers. May be luck was on my side that day as I stumbled upon a person who makes these so called Assembled Coolers and was willing to let me know how this business works.

'Why are they called Assembled Coolers?' I again started the conversation,
'Because we buy different parts like motor, body, fan, pump etc... and assemble them as one single unit' He responded.

It was startling to know they don't create but just assemble and sell. I coaxed Mr.Oberoi a little bit on how they market their product and other activities involved in his Assembled Cooler business and got first hand knowledge about how this system works. At the end of day I knew what I had to do. Put up my own Assembled Cooler factory like Mr.Oberoi's son had done.

                                                   * * * * *

I lingered on this idea for about two months accumulating details from various sources, apprehending its pro's and con's, gauging my ability to take on its responsibility and most importantly dominating my fear of failing. All this while, two thing stopped me from backing off, first, my confidence in my self and second, confidence in my idea.

I went to my father and put forth my proposal. He feared I would fail miserably with no first hand experience but I insisted on doing this and pleaded for his help.

'How much would it cost?' He asked me,
'Thirty Lakh' I answered.
I could gauge from his expression that he wasn't too pleased with that amount.
'Too much' He replied,
'One Million in profit and 25% increase in next year' I told him,
'How?' He questioned me,
'I have a plan' I replied, He was not too pleased with my answer.

'10 Lakh is Enough!' He said,
I shook my head in apprehension.
'Instead of investing 30 Lakh at once, rotate 10 Lakh for three times.' He reasoned

An, brilliant idea I have to say, I will manufacture the same number of coolers but in 1/3rd the amount by rotating or recycling the money again and again.

                                          * * * * *

It was time to start my factory, I opened my own godown in a 3 bedroom apartment, enough to produce 2000 units, my target for first year. My plan was simple I would hire workers from Karnataka, buy parts like body, motor, fan, pump etc... assemble them and sell it at a profitable price, around 500 bucks.

But later I came to know that its not all that easy as it seems. There are people who are in this business for ages like Mr.Oberoi who produced at a relatively lesser price than me because I was new and I couldn't bargain for cheaper price for parts that went in making of my product. The difference between my making charges and their making charges was between two hundred to three hundred rupees. My father came and cleared my dilemma

'You have two options son' He said, 'Increase the selling price of your products or cut profit and sell it at market price.'

I decided to do the later. Hence, my first year profit was ten percent of what I originally expected. But, my father stood behind me like a rock guiding me successfully through rough patches on my way to success. He advised me to get into water making business too which was same as the existing one.

When the next summer season came I aggressively marketed my product which I lacked the last time. I expanded my market to various adjoining districts and increased my profit significantly and crossed the One Million profit in the middle of season itself. This year my target is to supply my product to whole of the state and if by god's grace to the whole country in coming years.

                                                      * * * * *

But amidst this success and rise of myself I learnt that there are people who support you to achieve your dreams or in my case make an idea a reality. These very people bear the weight of our failures and burden of our needs. They are the forces that help you to reach your goal and I am grateful to my dad who was with me all the time. He gave me courage when fear of uncertainty took over me. He took my hand walked the path with me when it was filled with stones. Now when I look back, I realize that through his guidance only I have reached the place I am now. I am indebted to him forever.

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Five Point Someone and 3-Idiots

Five Point Someone - 3 Idiots
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Five Point Some one and 3-Idiots aren't same

These were the first lines that blurted out of my mouth after turning the last page of Chetan Bhagat's first novel. Though too late to write this article but better late than never. Coming back to the topic the movie and novel revolve around same characters (though names are different) their friendship and also both mock at the Indian educational system, mugging but the similarities end there. 

The two distinct features I found out were, firstly the movie was basically about what to do and the novel, as the tagline suggests what not to do. The movie was more message oriented like following once own passion to reach success and the novel was more or less a semi-autobiography of Chetan Bhagat by himself. The love track too is different in movie Aamir and Kareena are a couple but in the novel Hari (Madhavan) and Neha are in love. 

Five Point Some One:

The novel starts with three friends Ryan, Alok and Hari being ragged mercilessly by seniors and how Ryan stands upto the injustice. The story moves forward as Chetan shows us how habituated we have become to mugging ultimately leading to nowhere and also the unmindful indifference shown towards five pointers or below average students by professors. Chetan describes how in-efficient the system is as there is no worthy invention to the credit of  IIT 's, which are actually a center for brilliance and excellence in our country. Then the three protagonist screw their already inert IIT career by stealing question paper and then getting caught which leads to interesting and funny 'Longest day of my life' chapter's (six in total) and how these three unscrew their screwed up IIT careers forms the ending part. There is also love story between Hari and Neha, daughter of Cherian (HOD), whose is tormentor of students and the most hated man by Ryan. Chetan Bhagat's logical yet witty style of writing makes it a commendable read.


The movie starts with journey by two friends, Madhavan and Sharman, in search for Aamir. As the story progresses we get insights about their story about how different Rancho (Aamir) is. We studied engineering for degree but Rancho studied for knowledge - Farhan (Madhavan) says. Which actually implies we have study for knowledge not marks and also Rancho's advice only making once passion as career coupled with examples of Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar. But, Viru 'virus' Sahasrabuddhe extraordinarily portrayed by Baman Irani takes the cake. Though Cherian's (virus in movie) character is given importance in novel but it occupies less space hence, I missed Boman Irani a lot in novel .Then there is only detailed description of  Chatur (Venkat in novel) hence there is no 'Balatkar' scene in novel which was actually one of the USP's of the movie. In the end the movie shows how Rancho becomes successful and reaches new heights using his knowledge and hence movie advice's all of us to do the same. In the end I have to say the writers of the movie have done a commendable job and story touches the hearts of youngsters.

Both have plus points and arguments on which one is better leads us to no where. Overall, I have to say the movie only adapts the theme and soul of the novel but the plot's are different. Though, they aren't different as chalk and cheese but they aren't similar as rat and mice either.

Only intelligence and wisdom tastes bitter

When I was doing my engineering there was a guy named Raghu. He was one of the most intelligent person I had ever met in my life. Right from day one he got engrossed into studies and hence became favorite among lecturer's. He could solve complex and difficult problems at the drop of hat and the immense wisdom he had received through knowledge gained in all these years made him intellectually superior. The only thing he used to do is read read and read. There was one book or another in his hand and apart from studying he showed least interest in sports or extracurricular activities or people around him. In my 4 years of acquaintance with him I hadn't seen him socializing with anyone, instead he was regular to the library than the librarian himself reading all kinds of books some even unrelated to our engineering curriculum  As a result books became his friends instead of people. He had a never ending thirst for knowledge and also his intelligence was par excellence. I still remember how he bunked classes as he had already completed that syllabus by studying all by himself. In college we had friends, love, break-ups, fights but Raghu considered it as waste of precious time and concentrated extremely in studies and by the time our engineering got completed Raghu not only stood first in university but also broke the existing records of previous toppers. The gold medal in Raghu's neck that day looked cheap in front of his extra-ordinary knowledge and wisdom and at that time a question arised in my mind on how great this man will become?                                                                    

10 Years Later

I got a call and it carried the news of Raghu's death. The unexpected turn of events caught me off guard and I rushed to his house which consisted only one room attached with bathroom measuring 20 x 20 feet which was filled with piles of books, it also had a single cot to sleep, a table with computer and a chair. The state in which he lived was completely contrast to what I had expected of him 10 years back. The wooden chair supported the lean and weak body of Raghu. His face clearly showed he was disinterested in life and on the table lay his suicide note with only one word written on it BORED

Then, I realized how too much knowledge and wisdom tastes bitter. The overdose of sweetness of knowledge and wisdom turned his throat sour. He hadn't experienced anything like love or hatred, happiness or sadness which a normal human being feels, hence, he lived like a living robot unaware of emotions which made him think life too serious to be enjoyed. Now when I look at him I realized I was more intelligent than him. I lived life to fullest. I laughed. I cried. I failed. I won. Most importantly I earned few people by my side whom I could count as my own.

In-Efficient Educational System in India

Honorable Prime Minister Manmohan Singh,
The motive behind writing this letter to you is to highlight the in-effective educational system of our country. A literate can never be knowledgeable unless good education is imparted to him, I have highlighted the above point considering the fact that majority of individuals who graduate from various institutions in our country are unemployable which proves the inefficiency in our educational system.
We have prestigious institutions and universities like IIT’s, IIM’s, ISB, DU to name a few who impart excellent education but majority of students study in private run institutions where its main aim is to earn money instead of bestowing education. Exempting a few, most of these institutions openly flout norms by having no proper infrastructure, management and most importantly under qualified and inexperienced faculty to run the institution. Inspections from concerned authorities take place regularly but it won’t help in improving the situation nor the quality of education imparted to students. The various councils and universities who have the power to discipline or derecognize these errant institutions are deaf, mute and blind towards the problems being faced by the students.
The main culprit behind the system being inefficient is the nexus between concerned authorities in councils and universities and managements of the errant institutions. They are hand in glove with each other and institutions are not punished and get away easily by lending low quality education.
Hence Sir, due to the above drawbacks in the system as you know very well we have a literate but less knowledgeable educated youth in our country which is a grave problem griping our great nation right now and by not addressing it properly we are having a disastrous impact.
Sir, you have the knowledge and power to curb this menace by making the system efficient which imparts high quality education and produces knowledgeable individuals. Hence I would like you to consider my request by making these errant institutions fall in line and provide quality education which would result in bright future for this nation’s young citizens.   
“Sare jahan se acha Hindustan hamara. Jai Hind!”

*****  This article was published in The Viewspaper *****

That Magical moment when you fall in love

"That magical moment when we fall in love with a person,

That magical moment when our life changes forever,

That magical moment when you forget the whole world for a while,

That magical moment when you skip an heartbeat,

That magical moment when your breath stops for a moment,

That magical moment when you realize she is the most wonderful thing in this universe,

That magical moment when you realize that she is priceless,

That magical moment when you can feel your heart beat,

That magical moment when everything blurs around you except her presence,

That magical moment when you realize she is the best thing to have happened to you,

That magical moment when you feel something crushing your heart,

That magical moment when you start going mad for her smile,

That magical moment when you look at her like she is the most beautiful thing in the world,

That magical moment when you fall in love and she becomes your life."

I hope every one has gone through that one magical moment where they fell in love with some one and their life changed forever the above lines are dedicated to those people. 

To my love

" I couldn't forget how beautiful you looked the first time i saw you
My heart beat just stopped

My every heartbeat reminds me that... I live for you.

When i first met you i didn't know your value
But now your priceless

My heart is my biggest enemy because its mine but beats for you

You are the most beautiful girl i have ever seen

I will always be there for you...
Even when the whole world is against you

You are the best thing that has happened to me

I could forget the whole world for a while 
But not your beautiful smile

The time i spent with you are the best moments of my life

Nothing is more magical than your love

No matter what.... I would never leave you

The day i stop loving you is the day i will close my eyes.... Forever

Your the biggest happiness of my life and i cant live without you

My life without you is like body without a soul

I love you more than anyone else in this world and
I will keep on loving you till my last breath and even after that... "